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The Diaguita People


Our vineyards lie on land that hundreds of years ago was inhabited by the indigenous people of La Rioja, Argentina, The Diaguitas.

They worshipped the sun, thunder and lightning. It was the Incas who gave them the name Diaguita, that translates to “hill-people”.


The lack of rain, a constant everyday problem for the Diaguitas, is one of the key factors to producing the high quality wines that originate from this barren desert valley.


To honour the Diaguita heritage and culture we have adopted some of their symbols to represent our wines.

The Diaguitas believed the Condor was the closest creature to divinity and was considered a messenger of the spirits.

The puma in their culture, which we use in our logo and for the La Puerta labels, represents the supreme earthly being for its wisdom, strength and intelligence.

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