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Hot and dry summer days and cool nights combine with the clean air and desert-like topography of the valley to ensure outstanding ripening conditions for grapes and olives.


Rain is scarce with only 4 to 8 inches per year so we source water for irrigation from 200 meter wells.


Despite the intense climatic features of the Famatina Valley there are many varietals that thrive, responding with a unique and intense expression.

A Special Microclimate


We use drip irrigation to water each vine individually, providing them with the precise amount of water they need to grow and reach the desired yield and quality.

Our objective is always to use the minimal amount of water necessary, being extremely conscious about water conservation and use efficiency.


of the Art 


The winery was built in 2002 to meet all the needs of modern winemaking, all stainless tanks and equipment,  adequate chilling and cooling, pneumatic bag press, controlled fermentation temperature, high quality wood treatments, pure yeast culture and inert gas use.


This technology gives our team a huge say in the management and control of the quality of the wine.


The winery started operations with the HACCP standards as part of its management ethos and Best Manufacturing Practices are in place to guarantee full traceability and quality control.

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