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The Olive Orchard

Our first olive trees were planted in 1994, today the total planted area covers 770 hectares / 1,903 acres with seven different varieties, namely Arbequina, Nabali, Barnea, Picual, Coratina, Arauco and Manzanilla.


The air in the region is dry and unpolluted, the soil is mainly composed of sand which does not hold water, avoiding excessive humidity which causes diseases, therefore there is no need for the use of pesticides.


Harvest begins around mid March and ends in June with an average crop of 19 tons of olives per acre which translates into approximately 1,400 tons of olive oil.

Low Acidity 

LA PUERTA Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Olive Oil 

In 2005, we inaugurated our olive oil facility, incorporating the latest state of the art technology to process our rapidly increasing olive crop and to produce premium quality olive oil.


Our La Puerta Premium Extra Virgin olive oil is composed of a blend of our finest varieties. The Arbequina gives the blend intense aromas of fruit, the Picual provides freshness and spice while the Barnea adds a touch of sweetness to the blend. Finally, a little bit of Arauco is added to enhance the outstanding features of the rest of the varieties.

Acidity 0,3 to 0,5 gr/lt

Keep in a dark and fresh place.

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